Our Story

Iran is blessed with an abundance of spices, herbs, fruits and nuts that illuminate fragrant dishes across the country. Centuries of trade at the heart of the Silk Road have influenced a wild diversity of regional dishes, from the floral north to the spicy south. It is the secrets of Iranian cuisine, the dishes cooked in too few restaurants but almost every home, that Nutshell’s owners, Mohammad and Marwa, want to share with London’s diners.

As a tourist visiting Iran from her home in Saudi Arabia, Marwa’s knowledge of Iranian food didn’t extend much further than the kabab. However, when she started dating Iranian Mohammad her heart was won over by distinctive wonders of the Iranian cuisine.

In Mohammad’s friends and family homes, Marwa discovered a hidden world of recipes, flavours, techniques and culture; discovering recipes that had been handed down through generations and rarely make it into restaurants, in or out of Iran. At Nutshell they hope to lift the lid on this glorious complexity and tell the untold stories of the enchanting, ancient cuisine of Iran.